Concept for International Talent Support 2012 fashion event


International Talent Support

What is GOOD? What is EVIL? We are called, today more than ever, to express our vision, to choose or not, to like or not. Which brand is better? Which food will we choose? Which blog will we read? 

In this concept the eternal battle is ironically transfigured. Hundreds of subjects are put under judgement, their GOOD or EVIL nature is assigned by a statement or by the simple decision of the viewer, codified, simplified, massified, just as the hundreds like clicks we perform everyday, making us believe we are ultimately making decisons, or moral choices , when in reality we are not doing anything because there is no true consequent personal action, nor commitment to our moral choice or statement. The codification/digitalization of the act of choosing kills the profound existential trait of the question itself. The result is a huge amount of statements/data which in their globality don’t represent anything but a swarm of subjects belonging to one or the other party fighting a grotesque and spectacular match.

The ludicrousness of this process is represented by the interactive GOOD vs EVIL BATTLE installation which lets the user decide and judge if the given item is GOOD or EVIL. There is a fight between GOOD and EVIL going on in the central video. Every time a judgement is performed, the related GOOD or EVIL contendant of the current fight blows a hit to the other one, resulting in a point gained in the overall score of the match. When enough hits/points are delivered, one of the two parts wins. Once a match is over, anoher match with completely new characters and a new scenario takes place.

Items to be judged and characters of the matches are purposely chosen to represent with great irony the discrepancy between the immense moral depth of the question and the sillyness and uselessness of the decisions and of the consequent actions performed.

This concept was used to give life to the 2012 edition of International Talent Support, an international award for young designers in the fields of fashion, accessories and jewelry. During the event, the theme of chosing between GOOD and EVIL was stressed to its extent: guests had to choose between GOOD and EVIL in every single action: which door to enter, which pass to wear, which flyer to take, even which bathroom to use. The venue was divided into 2 parts, so as the catwalk.


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