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The Ark of Creativity



Concept for International Talent Support 2022 fashion event


International Talent Support

"We have sailed for 20 years, salvaging fragments of creativity from the waters of oblivion. Our cargo is of what is most precious. A legacy for the future, delivering our heritage to new generations, through knowledge and inspiration "

2023 saw the birth of ITS ARCADEMY, Museum of Art in Fashion, featuring the ITS COLLECTION, an archive of top fashion, accessories, jewellery and photographic projects collected since the first editions of the contest. Hence the 2022 edition of the fashion contest was shaped as a prelude of the opening of ITS ARCADEMY, staging the arrival of an imaginary as much as metaphoric ARK OF CREATIVITY, representing the 20-years-long journey which led to this astouding goal. An Ark which sails the waters rescueing invaluable treasures, preserving them as a testimony of the past and a source of inspiration and research for the future.

While keeping clear in my mind that I didn't want to stage nor represent in any visual form an actual "ark", the whole process of deployement of the concept consisted in referencing an underwater realm (hosting a muse) and the idea of sea travel through stylization of navigation maps and blueprints. 

The greatness and majesty of the sea were represented using a very large set of video projections which served as background for all the fashion and accessories projects which showed on the catwalk. For the opening of the fashion show I created a giant wave which spanned along 20 meters and unexpectedtly flooded and enlighted the entire wall which until seconds before was  only partially noticeable to the audience.


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