Kaleidoscopic olfactory installation

The concept I created for ITS#SIX was based on kaleidosopes, which then I further developed into 3 nature inspired “worlds”: the first is composed of GREEN PLANTS , the second of SEALIFE ELEMENTS, the third of INSECTS AND FLOWERS. The idea was to obtain kaleidoscopic images which looked real, organic and three-dimensional, unlike the usual kaleidoscopic images which often look flat and geometrical.

With Les Christophs, experts in creating fragrances and olfactory suggestions, we created an installation which consisted in a space where organic kaleidoscopes (real-time generated and animated) were floating and evolving on a specular floor (like a huge mirror you can walk on), while scents inspired by the 3 worlds were diffused in the air. As the kaleidoscopes randomly evolved and transformed, passing from one world to another, the fragrances changes as well with synchronization.

Sample of the realtime animation: