Support the evidence

The image concept for ITS#TEN was quite a turning point from what has been done before. The prime inspiration were conspiracy theories of the XX Century, alien abductions and the movie “They live” by John Carpenter.

Using a viral approach, we simulated a parallel not-well-specified group of rebels who believe that there is a conspiracy behind ITS, a conspiracy involving the most powerful personalities and entities worldwide (mostly of course in the field of design). A masterplan to conquer the world, conceived using subliminal images, mass hypnosis, mind control to seduce and taint humanity. A masterplan with  roots coming from behind our planet, which has been existing for millennia.


The ITS event is nothing but a massive gathering which every year hosts wicked rituals where the idols of this sept are worshipped: the HEART, the ASH KEY #, and the NUMBER 10. Every year the best young creative minds of the planet are ABDUCTED for several days. They will then become plagiarized and will spread the ITS virus among the world.

The culminating moment of the consipracy, as traces and ancient predictions appear to point out, is set for 16 JULY 2011, the date of the ITS#TEN event itself. It looks like that in that day there will be an interplanetary event of epic scale, when a mysterious heart-shaped satellite will cross the earth’s orbit. The occurrence of this event will provoke consequences for the human race that are unimaginable.



The group of rebels proves how ITS has been promoting tfor years he symbolic idols of heart, # and 10 (which it actually did!) using subliminal messages. Thay claim they can provide undeniable EVIDENCE of their belief. A parallel website was made which was periodically updated with new facts and discoveris enforcing the theory.

The event itself was disguised as if it has been hacked by the rebels. The motto SUPPORT THE EVIDENCE was used thoroughly, and the headquarters of the rebels were staged, exhibiting items, dissecting tables and “instructional” videos.