The Adventures of Yeronimus Kaplan

Some say he’s a legend, some say he’s still traveling somewhere or somewhen out there. To me, he’s the imaginary character I created to spice up the steampunk theme of ITS#NINE: the Confederation of Fantastic Voyagers.

Yeronimus is the hystorical figure which every Fantastic Voyager refers to. He was the first to travel both in space and in time, using one unique Compass. The Compasswas chosen as the tool of trade for the Voyagers, as it represents the uniqueness of every creative mind, which is able to find the right direction along the path of knowledge, while exploring places and times. Keeping your personal route through your explorations is the key to acquire knowledge without losing your personality, your intimate and more genuine ideas. This concept perfectly fit with the essence of ITS, where contestants are seen as Voyagers, brave explorers whose need for knowledge is unstoppable, but who at the same time represent the newest and most uncontaminated creativity which can’t be derailed from its direction and vision.